Burna Boy – I Told Them ft. GZA Lyrics

Burna Boy I Told Them

One, two, three, woah
Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you
I told them (Yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you)
I told them (You, you, yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you)
Hmm-mmm (You, you, yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you)
I told them, woah (Ah, yeah, yeah, yeah, you, you)

I told them I’m a genius, I had to show them what the meaning is
Hundred thousand hands, where the ceiling is?
I told them I’m the highest, with the drip, I’m the flyest
Hundred thousand hands, where the sky is?
Told ’em I’m amazing, they told me I was crazy
Nothing ever changed
I told ’em I’m a giant, real African giant
Self-confident, self-reliant
Told ’em I’m the monster, they told me I wouldn’t prosper
I tell them so they impostor, tell them man they joke you
So we can stop smoking you, I be that one you
Me at the field, pain, but I move forward and I switch lanes
Because not the nickname
They say , I told them I’m big Safu
Put ’em for your body in a split second
Put me on your song, it’s a hit record
If I put you on, you a rich nigga
Yes, I told them, I told them I’m a born winner
I stay humble, because I’m a born sinner
I told them that I was the realest
For some reason they didn’t believe it, so here we are

I told them from the start (Ooh-ah-ah)
Right from the very start (Ooh-ah-ah)
I told them, I told them, ah-ah
I told them they were gonna see this
For some reason they didn’t believe it, so here we are
I told them from the start (Ooh-ah-ah)
Right from the very start (Ooh-ah-ah)
I told them, I told them, ah-ah
I told them they were gonna see this
For some reason they didn’t believe it, so here we are

Which one of you is the other?
I wanna join the attempt
We shine like that travels and waves that are unbelievable
Distance and days
Radio, micro, infrared and ultraviolet
Picture so beautiful, I had to film the pilot
Coined a new grand of philosophy
That form images in your mind, quite different from photography
Anointed few, a point of view of the thinkers
No pitch, that’s a glitch full of hook lines, and sinkers
The way the wise look at light, the manner of the thoughtful
There is no benefit if it’s not resourceful
Four to five, the observers, they get something from it
It become routine, been there and done it
I’m in a place where perception is developed
If you can’t walk on these shoes, then your feet would swell up
A medium by which thoughts are made clear
Beneath the surface, but only hurting the inner ear
Breakdown Of “I Told Them” by Burna Boy Featuring GZA

Being extremely self-assured is one thing, but being self-assured enough to chart your own course for the future is an entirely different ballgame. The aforementioned statement is Nigerian superstar Burna Boy’s reality; his single “I Told Them,” which is housed on his new album of the same name, is unmistakably a tribute to self-belief and manifestation, having gone from singing about winning a Grammy in his early songs to actually winning one.

The album “I Told Them,” his eighth full-length project to date, consists of 15 tracks, with the album-titled track serving as the opener. It’s a perfect way to begin an album centred around his foresight of career success and the declaration of his prowess musically. “I Told Them” which features GZA of the iconic American hip-hop group Wu-Tang Clan, exudes all the pride that accompanies success after being told that success was unattainable.

An artist like Burna Boy, renowned for his outspoken nature, took the opportunity to reiterate moments when he faced being underrated and disregarded by both the media and influential figures. He pointedly brought up instances of rejection and belittlement. What he effectively emphasised in the song were his responses to these challenges, implying that his self-assurance was unwavering right from the jump .

Told ’em I’m the master, they told me I wouldn’t prosper

I tell them say them be bastard

They say, “Who be this person?”, I told them I’m Big 7

These lyrics further described his reactions to being treated less, even when he had so much potential to become revered in the country’s music scene.

The song “I Told Them” serves not only as a testament to Burna’s journey but also as an inspirational anthem for individuals who might encounter situations where their potential is underestimated. As an intentional songwriter, Burna ensured that he crafted the song in a manner that effectively conveyed a narrative that sits perfectly with the song’s title. The lyrics cleverly align with the song’s title, making the message readily understandable even without detailed analysis. This accessibility extends not only to those familiar with the artist’s success story but also to any random listener. He was intentional about the message being passed effortlessly, and he achieved just that.

The mood of the song is one that is unpredictable just by hearing its intro. One may have the impression that it is a typical highlife number, just from the opening chants, which were performed by Burna Boy’s The Outsiders Band. A twist, however, occurs when Burna’s vocals cut in; his flow on “I Told The” was far from what a typical highlife flow sounds like, even though the instrumentation contains predominantly highlife symphonies. The song was jointly produced by three talented and diverse producers, namely American producer, Harper Gordon, Canadian-born producer, Kofo, and Nigerian producer Telz.

The singer’s flow was a more contemporary rap-sung delivery, which gave the song a unique edge. Lyricism and great rhyme schemes have never been a problem for Burna Boy, the lyricism of “ I Told Them” was top tier and carefully crafted. It also has an impressive level of rhyme scheme, one that would undoubtedly go to to toe with an actual rapper.

The most unique aspect of the song is its chorus, which is not only very simple and easy to remember but also catchy and melodious.

GZA’s input of spoken words towards the closure of the song is an impressive addition to the song and, once again, another surprise we didn’t see coming.
Replay Value

With all the impressive components that are entailed in the song, it’s definitely an enjoyable, one that can be bumped during car rides or a cool evening time out. In a typical Nigerian setting, songs that tend to circulate widely and receive frequent play are usually those with faster tempos and danceable beats, in line with the vibrant Nigerian party culture.

However, for a song like “I Told Them,” while it stands as a remarkable piece of work, its replay value might not be as high within Nigeria compared to other commercially appealing sounds. This observation is primarily influenced by the preferences of the local audience. But thanks to Burna Boy’s huge international status, this assessment is specific to Nigeria alone.

The song’s inherent enjoyability contributes to its potential for substantial international streams, even in the years to come, thanks to Burna Boy’s widespread global presence.
RatingDelivery: 1.8/2
Lyricism: 1.9/2
Relatability: 1.7/2
Mixing and Production: 1.9/2
Replay Value: 1.6/2


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